Vinyl Will Kill


Jeremyville has conceptualised, produced and designed the first major book in the world on the designer toy movement: Vinyl Will Kill!


includes shipping to anywhere in the world, Plus a signed card by Jeremy with a drawing on the theme of Vinyl Will Kill! (only available with online purchases)



Through a series of exclusive interviews with the best toy designers in the world, you have a backstage pass to the entire process, from the designer's concept, to the producers, to the leaders in toy retailing and e-tailing.

A must-have book for any designer toy collector, anyone wanting to know what the designer toy movement is all about, and for an insight into the work practices of some of the world's best designers.

Designed and produced by Jeremyville and DESIGN Lab, published by IdN Hong Kong.

Interviews conducted by Jeremy from, Mike and Katie from, Billy Law,, and Denise Wong from and Double Punch in SF.

Also available from such stores as Colette (Paris), Kidrobot (NYC and SF), Jeremyville (Sydney), Magma Books (UK), and at selected stores worldwide. You can now buy it here online.

SOME FEEDBACK ON THE BOOK SO FAR (thanks everyone!!)

James Jarvis

Dear Jeremy,
Congratulations on the book. It seems to have had a fantastic reception.
I am busy trying to work out my new comic. I am constantly flabbergasted by your productivity as evidenced by your website - so many great drawings and artwork. I feel hopelessly lazy and inadequate.
Keep up the good work,

Tim Biskup

Hi Jeremy,
I just realized that I never told you how much I love the book! It's really great. I've been reading it cover to cover. Something I usually don't take the time to do, these days. It's really well written & interesting.
Thanks for including me & for doing such a great job. Cheers - Tim

Magma Books, UK

If you were one of those people wondering when someone would ever finally manage to publish a book on designer toys – then here’s the one.


Dear Jeremy,
Thanks for sending me the pages.
This will be a good book.

Rob Manley, Monsterism/ Playbeast

Hi Jeremy, we have now received our stock of the book and congratulations on a wonderful job, your interviews are well researched and the content is totally comprehensive.
Pete Fowler, Mark James and I are delighted with the PlayBeast / Monsterism section. thanks.
Rob Manley
PlayBeast Ltd

Tristan Eaton

I just picked up the Vinyl killed.
Nice job, it was really beautiful.
...I was honored to see my little kidrobots everywhere! Thanks!
Keep up the good work!

Julian Manzelli /

hi jeremy!
my name is Julian. I am part of DOMA Collective. We gave a speech at the Pictoplasma Event in Berlin a month ago.
First of all congratulation for the book.. it is really awesome.!!! i think i saw one around at the conference in Berlin, but i am not sure... i could not put my hands on it there. but Now i have it!!!

Lili Chin / Fwak Animation

Hi Jeremy,
Just thought I'd let you know i picked up a copy of Vinyl Will Kill at Meltdown the other day. It's pretty awesome!!! I know you already showed it to Eddie and I, but now I can take a thorough look through :)
Congrats again and look forward to seeing you and Megan in L.A. soon! Lili

Gaston Dominguez-Letelier/ owner, Meltdown Comics, LA

Been busy. Wanted to write you last week. Got sent an advance copy of the book Monday. It came out really hot.

Nathan Jurevicius / ScaryGirl
i flipped through the vinyl will kill book the other day and was so impressed by the quality and amount of work that was put into it - such a great achievement.

The hottest Toy book of the holidays.

Vinyl Will Kill from Jeremyville and IDN is the book for all design toy heads.

Jaime Hayon / Hayon Studio


Sol, Kidrobot Forum on Vinyl Will Kill!

Jeremy, thanks for your response. I like your idea of getting people to actually talk about the toy took me over a year of research to start making vinyl figures because some people are really cagey about it. As you can see from my site I'm all about letting people know how the process works. I'm looking forward to getting your book too. In general I really like the Jeremyville approach..wish I could visit your real world shop but I'm based in the UK

Nichole, Kidrobot Toy Baroness / Forum

We do have the's selling like mad.
Nichole Kidrobot - Toy Baroness

Zook, Kidrobot Forum on Vinyl Will Kill!

This book freakin' rocks. Hard. Just got it today and just finished the chapter on KidRobot. Very cool stuff. Especially for a guy like me just coming into the vinyl scene.
Giant props out to Jeremy for a well executed project.

Jeremy Madl , Kidrobot Forum on Vinyl Will Kill!

I just gotta give jeremy his props!!!
There's a ton of time money and energy put into these types of projects (Riot you know what I'm talking about) and the reality is, you can't make everyone happy. This genre has exploded over the past 3 years, and there's no way anyone could get all the info into one book.
Anyway you look at it, its a killer book! PERIOD!!!! MAD
*can I be in the next one?

Wayne, Kidrobot Forum on Vinyl Will Kill!

this book is excellent, lots of great artwork of stuff ive never seen,(some really nice tado qee that they did)..loads of monsterism things i havent seen before, good interviews, etc etc....its a must buy thing for xmas...or anytime ..congratulations for all involved...great job..

MiQ, Kidrobot Forum on Vinyl Will Kill mine today, via IDN.................its a masterpiece!
kudos to everyone involved...........M+K, yall are the best!..what a great section on ya...........

Ganjazz, Kidrobot Forum on Vinyl Will Kill

when can we order this at kidrobot? someone from ebay is selling this for $59.99. that's just crazy.

Riot City , Kidrobot Forum, Vinyl Will Kill

the concept...the timeliness...the photos...the packaging...the price - it's all amazing to be sure.

LED, Kidrobot Forum on Vinyl Will Kill

Im not really interested in the book. Why certain artists and lines aren't covered? Just follow the logos. Look how big Dorbel is on the cover. Lau isn't in there because they can't ship Lau to hot topic and spencers. Now if kidrobot made a book, i'm down.

Jeremy Madl / Mad Toy Design

I wanted to drop you a line and say congrats on the book! I saw it at a friends place (mine's still being delivered) and was BLOWN AWAY!!! I saw your posts on Kid Robot, and am even more impressed knowing what you put into it (work/time wise)
Anyways.... Congrats again! If you do ever make another one I'd be honored to be in it! (if I'm worthy) :)

Bill McMullen / artist

Jeremy, congratulations on your magnificent book and thank you for including me in it.
I'm sorry I missed you in NYC at the Kid Robot release.
Again, congratulations!

Outre Gallery, Melbourne

Vinyl Will Kill is a really impressive publication and we are proud to be stocking it.

Kristin Weckworth, Magic Pony Toronto

The Vinyl Will Kill book looks great by the way. I don't think we had a chance to tell you in all of the rush of Christmas, but I am definitely giving one to all my family/friends who ask "Who BUYS that Stuff? What IS Magic Pony? You do WHAT??? The book explains so much, I love it!

Brunswick Street Bookstore, Melbourne

Hello Megan,
We have had great success with Vinyl Will Kill, we only have 2 copies left. I was wondering if it would be possible to order another 10 and whether we would be able to receive them this week?

Suzy Prince, editor, Nude Magzine, UK

By the way, yours is a fantastic book! We had no luck in getting hold of a review copy so Ian actually bought it for me for xmas after much hint-dropping on my part. I think you've done a sterling job on it...I was really impressed. It must have been a TON of work, but very worth it.

Vivian Host, editor, xlr8r

hey jeremy and ville.
first off, i spent a happy half hour just now wasting time at work looking at your site. thank you for the lovely distraction...and further proof i need to go to australia. i wanted to run something on your vinyl will kill book in xlr8r...

Woody, Sneaker Freaker/Buddy Love

I also ordered a few books off you! Looks awesome, nice one!

Madsteez / Mr Ween, artist, California

just got ur vinyl will kill book...its freakn amazing!!!! not only is the layout and design fresh but the interview questions were so good and with each peep i learned something new...


The 232 page book is packaged in a toy box concept, and also comes with a large fold out poster of lots of toys, and 36 web cards with url references to the 44 designers in the book.


The book is being launched through a number of high profile singings by some of the contributors, in key cities across the world. Some have happened, some about to, so try and make it along to one in your city. More to be added here so check back later.

Tim Biskup@Kidrobot NYC:
Nov 19th 2004 6-8pm

Here's what Kidrobot says for the event:

'Tim Biskup flew in and greeted leagues of anxious fans with hours of signatures and drawings in our NYC store. The line was long and steady all night with plenty of happy smiles leaving with EXCLUSIVE new NYC version Biskup helpers, the new HOT Vinyl Will Kill Book, small paintings, and one-off toys. So many people, so much fun!'

See the exclusive pics of the great evening at the Kidrobot site.

Above all, thanks to the great Tim Biskup for making it all possible! And to Kidrobot for hosting such a cool event.

Also check out Tim Biskup and Seonna Hong's flopdoodle site, where you can access all the amazing work these 2 highly talented artists produce.

Tim Tsui @ Fewmany in Tokyo:

Dec 6th-12th 2004

Also check out the awesome Tim Tsui's work at

Gary Baseman @ Kidrobot LA (new store!)

Dec 15th 2004 8-11pm
Kidrobot's new store opening and Baseman signing of the book, Santa Monica. Check the Kidrobot site for details.

Nathan Jurevicius @ Magic Pony, Toronto

Sun, Dec 12th 2004, 4-7pm
Check out the Magic Pony site for more info.
Nathan signs Vinyl Will Kill, and also launches his awesome new Treedweller! Not to be missed. Gee I wish I was in Toronto for that one. Have a cup of tead for me, Kristin! - J


Editor: Jeremy (
Art Director: Megan Mair (
Graphic Design: Jeremy
Contributing Editor: Neil Venkataramiah (
Production: DESIGN Lab
Packaging Concept: IdN, Jeremyville, Mokem collaboration
Writers/Interviewers: Jeremy, Nathan Jurevicius (, Mike and Katie (, Billy Law (, Denise Wong ( /, Steve Cober & Kristin Weckworth (, Jim, Antoinette & Gregory (
Contributing Partners: Colette (Paris), Kidrobot (SF & NYC)
Additional Photography: Megan Mair, Brian McCarty, Jeremy
Cover: Main image, 'Dumb Luck' designed by Gary Baseman (, produced by Critterbox Toys (
Published by: Systems Design Limited, the publisher of IdN Magazine, Hong Kong.


Jeremyville and Megan Mair are editing a new column in IdN Magazine (international edition) on new developments in designer toys worldwide.


(if you've mentioned or reviewed the book, please email me and I'll add you here) (discussion board) (dicussion board) (news) (Fwak Animation)


Vinyl Will Kill is no longer in print. Here are the stores that used to carry Vinyl Will Kill:

Jeremyville / Suite 514, 50-58 Macleay Street, Potts Point NSW
Published Art / 23-33 Mary St, Surry Hills
Kinokuniya / Cnr George & Park St, Sydney CBD
Ariel Books / 42 Oxford St, Paddington

Outre Gallery / 249-251 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
Brunswick St Bookstore / 305 Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Buddy Love / Level 3, Curtin House, 252 Swanston St, Melbourne


Dave Silva/creator of Fling, & Paul Frank monkey head
Hi Jeremy,
My name is Dave Silva. I created Fling the Monkey for adfunture and just wanted to thank you for putting out the "Vinyl Will Kill" book and putting Pinky Fling on the poster.

Josh Petherick, artist
I had no idea you produced the Vinyl Will Kill book. I haven't actually had a look through yet, but have heard about it through Colette. I guess such a book was indeed due, so good work!

Michael Maher,
Hello Jeremy,
We wanted to drop you a line to think the book is great. Feedback on the book is very good. The interview are very telling of certain aspects of the scene.

Marc Schiller, wooster collective
By the way - Vinyl Will Kill is one of my favourite books of the year!

Sam, Friends With You
VINYL WILL KILL is rockin fun good AWESOME!! Hope everything is well, congrats on the special creation, I hope you get all your Christmas wishes!! GOOOOOOOOO JEREMYVILLE !!!!

Your book is fucking awesome!
I got it for x-mas from my mom and read it all in one sitting.
nice work man.


Tim Biskup
Tim Tsui
Bonus Toyz
Masaru Ishiura
Pete Fowler
Mark James
Brian McCarty
Dorbel / Jim Woodrig
Nike Bearbricks
Dave Kinsey
Doze Green
IT Rangers Club
Jason Siu
Enid / Dan Clowes
Bill McMullen
Nathan Cabrera
Gary Baseman
Design Is Kinky
Toy 2r
Ox-Op Qee show
Frank Kozik
Steven Lee
Jon Burgerman
Headlock Studio
Furi Furi
Flying Cat
Scarygirl / Nathan Jurevicius



This is included in the box package, size is 620mm x 880mm, printed on a matt paper stock.


Click to view the 44 chapter headings, of the 232 page book.


This is a good place to also talk about some new toys coming out in the market place, which aren't shown in the book. I'll be adding more from time to time, so check back! email me if you have a new toy you'd like featured.

TREXI series 1
Click to see series 1. Jeremyville is in the first series (shown below)...and read the story on Trexi below.

Trexi, a 3-inch tall action figure with a rotating head and articulated limbs, was designed and conceived by Playland Imaginative over a period of three months.

Brought to life by designer Darren Gan and ownxer/founder Jacky Teo, Trexi is a toy that can be personalised in a variety of styles by different artists and designers working with different mediums.

Trexi Series One - Designer
Total No. of Designs:
19 (15 basic designs + 4 mystery designs)
- M13 (Made from USA)
- One-Eyed Willie (Tracy Tubera, USA)
- Anti-D (Jacob, USA)
- Tuko (Glenn, USA)
- Punchy Bear (John Pinkerton, USA)
- The Animal (Norio, USA)
- Peskimon (Peskimo, USA)
- Question?What? (Tesselate, UK)
- Victory Boy (Mimic, UK)
- Robo Kong (Darren, Singapore)
- Trapped In Space (Erwin Weber, Netherlands)
- Lost Boy Scout (Jeremyville, Australia)
- NuuEm (Kenn Munk, Denmark)
- Itz a Bird (Hixtril, Belgium)
- Heidi04 (Tiziana, Switzerland)

Date of Launch
Jan/Feb 2005


A short interview by an online toy distributor through the Trexi project, appears below.

1) What influences your design and how would you describe your style?
My design is influenced from dreams I have, creatures I want to make real, and worlds I wish I could visit.

I'm influenced by what does NOT exist yet. I want to be the first to uncover the unknown and unseen, and to draw it down. That excites me.

My style is a mixture of surreal landscapes, dreamlike visions and anything that I feel like drawing that day. A concept is also very important. I always have a sketch book with me, and have for about 15 years, so I have a big collection of my old sketchbooks on my shelves.

I draw all the time, and nowadays I just draw something in my book first go, and that becomes the final art. Before I used to be more 'careful' when drawing, now I'm more spontaneous and confident in my lines.

2) What are your top 5 toys of all time?
- KAWS: pink 'accomplice' bunny
- James Jarvis: White King Ken
- Pete Fowler: Monstropper + capsule toys
- Scarygirl: Bunnyguru + mini treehouse
- Bill McMullen: AD-AT

But of course LOTS of others, it's so hard to pick, and I have a very big collection. Strangeco also do some amazing stuff, as do Critterbox and Kidrobot, Devilrobots, Tim Tsui, Rolitoboy, Medicom, Jaime Hayon, NTF and Fafi....oh I better stop or I'll forget to mention someone!

I'm impressed by anyone who manages to actually make a toy! It's such a difficult, time consuming and costly process.

3) Who would your ultimate collaboration be with - from ANY field you choose - and why?
I'd like to work with whoever understands what I'm doing, from a very well known artist, to an up-and-coming designer who I feel has a unique vision, and is a good person. I like working with talented, generous, open-minded people, no matter if they are well known or up-and-coming.

Some I HAVE worked with are Nathan Jurevicius from Scarygirl, Strangeco, Rolitoboy, Jon Burgerman, Lmac, Tado, Monkey Assasin, Jacky Teo and Darren Gan from Play Imaginative, Laurence Ng and Chris Ng from IdN, the publishers of the book 'Vinyl Will Kill', and all the contributors for the book.

These are all such lovely, talented people, and it is such a pleasure and honour working with them!

4) What can we look forward to in the future from you and why?
I'm working on some toy collaborations with a few companies, can't say much yet, and also 'sketchel', a new product that I have designed, being customised by 100 artists from around the world, and launched at Semi-Permanent, and co-presented by Design Is Kinky. Let me know if you with to be involved!

5) Finally - tell us something no-one else knows about you?
I was very afraid of water as a child, I almost drowned a couple of times, but I learnt to swim in my dreams over a few months, and now I swim very well, all the time, and I'm not afraid at all. I am proud that I taught myself.