Firebelly Tea x Jeremyville

Oh, happy day – our new collab with Firebelly Tea has just dropped, and it’s a celebration of the beauty in everyday rituals. 

This sleek large teapot provides the perfect canvas for Jeremyville’s signature artwork that explores the passage of time from morning to night as you steep a pot of tea. It’s a world that offers a quiet moment in a busy day; a moment for the reflection and introspection that the ritual of tea drinking brings. 

Limited edition – get yours now.

Tea Meets Art

  • Custom artwork by Jeremyville
  • Limited edition
  • Clever drip-proof spout
  • Ergonomic metal handle
  • Serves 4

Give Back, Make Waves

Proceeds from the Firebelly Tea x Jeremyville Large Teapot will go to Waves For Water, a non-profit organization focused on correcting the imbalances of water scarcity in developing communities worldwide.